Easter Basket for a 1-Year-Old

One of the things I most look forward to as a wife and mother is creating traditions for my family. Traditions have been of utmost importance to me my whole life; my faith has a heavy emphasis on tradition and my parents also raised me to honor tradition. Some traditions are big and important, and others are smaller and seemingly inconsequential. I believe traditions weave deep meaning into our lives, and the lives of our family in future generations.

Putting our daughter’s first Easter basket together was no small task–setting the tone for all her future Paschas! I wanted the focus to be on spiritual items, with some seasonal play and practical items as well. Finding Orthodox spiritual items to engage a one-year-old is no small challenge.

Religious items


The St. Joseph of Arimethea and Theotokos peg dolls from the Edmund&Ambrose Etsy shop are absolutely beautiful and well-made. My daughter will love holding them during all the services. I’m hoping to add to her collection of saints over time, but beginning with the Theotokos and her patron saint seemed a good start.

Play items

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We have several Schleich animals and daughter plays with them daily! I love that they are a good quality and something that will be useful in Montessori-style learning for years to come. We chose spring animals: fawn, chicks, and bunny.

Practical items


And last, but not least, I think it’s oh-so-helpful to gift your children things they need for the upcoming season, particularly if they are more expensive or special items. I love these sandals and know from reviews that they will be durable and long-lasting! I think she’ll love them!

What are you putting in your children’s Easter baskets this year? And what’s your best Easter tradition?