Four Favorite Podcasts for Mamas

podcasts for mamas

Sorta Awesome • This one isn’t necessarily directed at mothers, but the show is run by Megan Tietz (a mother of four) and her regular co-hosts are all mamas as well. This makes for quite a lot of chat about motherhood between their broad range of topics. And they talk about everything! From spring cleaning to refugee struggles across the world, to favorite books and overcoming loss. I find it lovely to have a favorite podcast that has the story of motherhood intermingled, without the sole focus of the show on mothering. It’s about living an awesome life, no matter where or who you are! (Bonus: they have a fun Facebook group community, too!)

Coffee & Crumbs • I found the C+C blog near it’s inception and listened to this podcast from the beginning. I used to find a stark contrast between the quality of their written content and their audio show, but they have started to come into their own on the podcast recently! This one is ALL about motherhood with both light and heavy topics. One of my all-time favorite episodes is #24: Marriage is Good Hard Work.

Unruffled • I love these podcasts for their quick insights on parenting, which have a tendency to encourage my intentional habits in parenting. This show is great for a little dose of parenting encouragement–she gives great scripting ideas for how to talk to our littles! You can also find her on her blog.

The Simple Show • I have a love/hate with this podcast; I often enjoy the content, but the host’s tone sometimes irks me. I’m all about her mentality for cultivating a simple and intentional life, though, so in the end I love it. She has three regular co-hosts and they talk about travel, home, and books. I usually skip the book episodes (even though I love reading!), but the travel and home episodes are fantastic! I’ve learned so many great tips for travel and ideas for creating an intentional home.

And when do I find time to listen to podcasts? In my season of life it’s during our daily walks. I’ll pop in my earbuds and head out for a 30-60 minute walk each day the weather is even reasonably clement, while daughter rides in her stroller. I’m thinking her days of happy strollering are drawing to a close, so this means I’ll need to find a new avenue for listening: perhaps during dinner prep. I do believe listening to podcasts as a mother is helpful in creating a sense of community and a reminder that there are lots of us out there doing this holy work individually, but together.

What podcasts are you loving these days?