The Friday Five: #8

Friday Five Favorites of the Week

So many favorites this week! Choosing five seemed nearly impossible, but I did it! What are you loving this week?

Family bike rides! After our bikes were stolen out of our garage at Thanksgiving I got super sad; fortunately we were able to save up and buy new ones, plus a tiny seat for little daughter! Also got the garage window fixed. Not weaning. I had all the plans for weaning as soon as we got back from our trip to Lebanon, but daughter has been asking for milk more often and so I’ve come to the conclusion that this is going to be a slower process. And I kind of love it. A learning tower for daughter plus a captive audience for my very own cooking shows each mealtime! So grateful to husband for ikea-hacking for us! Hot weather and baby pool splashing. And good reminders from my priest about using my time wisely.

What are you loving this week?