Daily Rhythm: 14 Months

mom and daughter riding bike

I love our daily rhythm right now.

I know it will ebb and flow over the years, but I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how lovely our days are at this season. Since quitting my job a few weeks ago, I’ve felt the peace and prompting to be intentional about what we do each day. I have to combat my naturally type-A personality to avoid getting too strict, but love when our days have a sense of flow and purpose.

This is what we do most days. Mama and 14-month-old:

7/7:30 Wake up and nurse. In bed. 10 more minutes for mama to keep her eyes closed.

Then coffee time for mama. Usually check a few e-mails, instagram, the blogosphere. Daughter plays with her toys and shoes in the family room, kitchen, foyer…

8:30 Breakfast time. Since husband built her learning tower, she usually stands and watches me prepare food. Sometimes she is able to help with a few things, but usually she puts anything I give her in her mouth. We eat together at the dining table and share laughs and stories.

Then we play, read, and do chores together. Upstairs and down. She has recently become fascinated with moving wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. Her cleaning toys hold her interest for only so long, so then I clean and she plays.

9:30 Getting ready for morning nap time. We brush teeth, say our prayers, read some books, and then to bed. Her morning nap can last for anywhere from one to two hours, so then I jump on doing things I can only do well while she is sleeping: phone calls, e-mails, bullet journaling, reading, writing, meal planning, etc. Sometimes I’m super productive and sometimes I end up reading a novel. Or Facebook. Usually correlated with how much sleep I had the night before.

When she wakes up we start with any activities we’re doing for the day. Mondays we go grocery shopping–and Fridays the farmer’s market now that summer has arrived, but the rest of the week is flexible. If it’s nice out we’ll usually go outside and play and do yardwork. If the weather is less than grand we’ll do an errand or go someplace indoors like the library or the gardens. We usually try for a playdate with friends once a week, although most of my friends are on opposite nap schedules right now.

12/12:30 We eat lunch around this time and weave it into our daily activities depending on when she wakes from her nap. Most days we eat at home, and if the weather is nice: outdoors!

3ish Afternoon nap time! This one is more flexible depending on when she woke from her morning nap. Some days it’s as early as 2:15 and other days as late as 4! I am a combination of excited and sad for her to drop to one nap. Her afternoon nap is usually when I do my relaxing: reading, watching a show, napping, or writing.

When she wakes up (around 4/4:30) we have a snack. This is usually our only snack of the day. I find that keeping her eating at meals and one snack time makes for better eating and a better routine. This snack is usually nursing; I had all the plans for weaning around one, but she still asks for milk regularly and it’s working for now!

Then we typically head outside for a walk and time at the park. Especially now that it’s summer, park time is the best! The outdoor pool at our gym opens at the end of the month, so this will also be a frequently featured activity this summer. Hopefully husband will be able to join us after work sometimes!

5:30ish Come home and prep for dinner. Sometimes daughter is content playing by herself and sometimes she is back in the learning tower and helping with dinner prep. I meal plan each week, although stay flexible on what we have. I often do a bit of prep during her afternoon nap, but sometimes it’s all done at this time.

6/6:30 Dinner time! All together, inside or out. Then one of us cleans up and the other plays with daughter. From now until bedtime we play indoors if it’s inclement, but now that it’s been nice we’ve been taking family bike rides! So much fun!

7:30 Getting ready for bed time! Brush teeth, books, pjs, prayers, and songs. Still nursing before bed. She goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8 depending on her tiredness and how late her afternoon naps was.

Then husband and I have some time together to read, watch a show, sit outside, talk. And then I go to bed and read til about 9:30/10–yes, I love my 8-9 hours of sleep!

So grateful for these days, even the ones that seem a bit long: rainy days I’m looking at you! Love that we have the ability to be flexible and intentional together. Curious to see how our rhythm will change as she grows older, and as any more children may be added to our family. What rhythms are working for you and your family these days?