The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

father's day gift olive tree

I have the perfect father’s day gift this year! (which is fortuitous, since husband knocked it out of the park for Mother’s Day 2017)

Behold, our gift:


My husband developed an interesting affinity for olives while we were in Lebanon. And then recently, he mentioned that he’d like a plant for his office. And voilà: an olive tree became the perfect gift!

This might not be the perfect gift for the daddy of your children. In fact, it’s probably not. (unless your guy goes through Costco-sized jars of olives weekly) What I’m saying is, put aside the standard dad gifts, think about what makes that super awesome man so happy, or remember that conversation where he talked about something he’d like but never buy for himself, and give that to him. It’s good to love (our men) well.

Happy Father’s Day and cheers to putting loving thought in gifts!