The Friday Five: #19

The Friday Five: Favorites of the Week

It’s incredible to me with what regularity I love and make space for blogging in the fall, winter, and spring; and how it generally falls off my to-do list completely during the summer! Nevertheless, I am back! With renewed energy, ideas, and thoughts to share!

Let’s start with our favorites this week!

Working on my first crocheted blanket of the season! I’m thinking of gifting all our godchildren homemade blankets this Christmas…we shall see how far I get. The quote in the comments of this post about motherhood and staying home by Linda Burton. Sums it up for me in many ways. Playdates and creating a fall rhythm for our home; I love that I have found inspiration for making rhythms rather than routines or rules for our home; it is good for my type-A soul to let. it. go. sometimes. Making time for short yoga sessions each day; love this 5 minute morning and 7 minute bedtime routine! It makes such a difference in how I feel! Watching the Great British Baking Show. I mean, it’s British, need I say more?

What are you loving this week?