The Friday Five: #21

Toddler playing in the creek

Yay! It’s Friday! What did you love this week? My favorites:

Finally saw Beauty and the Beast! So well done; acting and singing were superb. Bonus: we watched it on husband’s “drive-in movie” theater; nothing beats watching movies in your pajamas on your deck. In September. Family afternoon playing at Fallasburg Park! The trees are changing, the weather was lovely and warm in the shade, and loved our family time. Got to chat with Brian Calley this week…enjoyed hearing him speak about his passion for Michigan with such enormous authenticity. Call the Midwife is back! Love this show so much; best line so far: “I find two opinions to be better than one, especially when one is mine.” Almost done with my first crochet project of the season! And super excited for the next one–love learning new things.