All In

When I love something I have a tendency to go all in. Case in point: a salt and pepper collection from my tween years. It was pretty massive. And yes, I was born a grandmother.

However, my interest in a subject has a tendency to fade away. I start all in and then I slowly lose interest, find something else better, forget where I put it (sewing projects, I’m looking at you) and move onto the next thing.

It’s not bad to try new things to find out whether they’re a good fit or not (thank goodness I moved on from the salt and pepper collecting), but I’ve been disappointed before by things I’ve given up on.

Relationships are one area that I’ve had a pretty good track record with regarding consistency and perseverance. I’ve let a few friendships go over the years, but I’ve worked hard to be a good friend, sister, daughter, and wife. More recently I’ve been given the gift of a new relationship: motherhood. This is somewhere I’ve gone all in and I don’t see any turning back. Not only do I love spending my days with little daughter, but I’m an avid researcher and explorer of parenting.

I read books and articles. I’ve joined multiple Facebook groups for sharing parenting wisdom. I listen to podcasts on parenting. I’ve even started watching YouTube videos on the topic (I can YouTube ya’ll; maybe not a grandma anymore). I just can’t get enough of it. I love reading the theories, ideas, projects, educational philosophies. Then, I really love sorting through all of it to find what works for my family.

I am so all in to this parenting gig.

I’ve also been newly inspired by reading a book on perseverance and I’ve decided to put it into practice two ways this month. One way is by continuing my passion for studying and practicing parenthood. The other way is by committing to write about parenting for the thirty-one days of October.

I’ve needed a creative challenge. I love all things parenting. And I want to share it all with you. Some days might be book reviews or things I’ve noticed in my parenting journey. They might be little stories from our day, or favorite parenting tips. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in this field, but it is something I adore and I want to encourage the parents around me on their parenting journeys. Maybe you’ll find something you’re all in for, too. (Or maybe you want the link to my salt and pepper collection on Craigslist?)

You can find the rest of the posts for the writing challenge here.

image found on Pinterest. But I really did have some remarkably similar. (No offense intended if you love salt and pepper shakers).