The Friday Five: #22 [Parenting Edition]

fall flowers

This week was full of so many good things! In keeping with my monthly writing topic of parenting I’m sharing my five favorites that relate to parenting this week.

Love, love, love watching the Parenting Junkie’s week-long video series on “How to Find Belonging & Cultivate Community”. So good; working hard to build my parenting community. Such a good reminder (and encouragement) for why bringing young children to church is important and necessary! Sometimes it’s hard to be at church with a small one wondering why you’re there at all; grateful for the people who encourage me at church! Love, love, love her reading and art suggestionsI am so soaking up the age we’re in right now (18 months), but also love storing away little nuggets like this for when daughter is older. This letter from a mama to her kids allowing and encouraging! all the feelings. Love this. Sometime the emotional side of parenting seems harder than any other aspect. A great podcast episode on feelings and building resiliency in kids. One of my favorite parenting shows.

What great parenting finds, ideas, or experiences did you have this week?