The Friday Five: #23 [Parenting Edition]

Toddler playing with play-doh

Happy Friday! These are the parenting loves I found this week! So much great wisdom being shared.

Yes to everything in this post about toddlers! I wrote about this, but I wholeheartedly believe that the way we view toddlers (and everyone around us) is so important for our relationships and their growth and development. I’m not quite to this stage of motherhood yet, but I loved this podcast on being intentional about extracurriculars for our kids (and our families). This article about choosing the stay-at-home-mom life really resonated with me. It’s something we choose over and over again, even after the hard days. Another one about toddlers (this is my life stage right now), and it’s just what I needed to help maintain that intrigued-but-unperturbed look when my child flings herself on the floor in public. So appreciated this candid conversation about figuring out the whole stay-at-home-work-at-home-mom thing. Every mama has to figure it and there’s no one right way, but sometimes it’s nice to take a peek at someone else’s thoughts on the matter and realize we are not alone.

What about your week? Any great parenting discoveries?