3 Ideas to Celebrate Fall with Little Ones

Montessori style fall-themed shelf for toddlers

Fall is definitely working it’s way up in my list of favorite seasons. Nothing will replace summer, but fall is full of so many beautiful changes in the world around us that it’s hard not to love. This year it’s been fun to find ways to celebrate fall with little daughter. Here’s what we’ve been doing to embrace this season:

1. Setting up a fall shelf. 

Montessori style fall themed shelf

This is a very Montessori-esque thing to do with kids, and I absolutely love it! I don’t have any specific works on it, but it serves as both decoration and loose parts for daughter to play with it. Our set-up is simple (and you can see that it’s just a corner of our dining room); we have two fall books, an old scarf of mine, two bowls to hold little pumpkins, squash, acorns, and any other treasures we find out and about, one of her fall pictures (see number 2 below), two of the people from her Grimms toy (orange and yellow of course), and we recently acquired two peacock feathers that somehow made their way in (I just read that peacocks shed their feathers after mating season–so maybe fallish after all?). This area gets played with every single day

2. Making fall projects. 

There are so many different fall art and nature project ideas that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Find some fun things that suit your family and work them into your usual rotation. We’ve kept our art projects rather simple this year. We painted mini pumpkins with glitter paint (out on the front porch; daughter loved this!), used fall stickers with paper, and we’re planning on carving a pumpkin next weekend–cannot wait to see what daughter thinks about opening one up!

toddler in pumpkin patch

And don’t forget cooking and baking projects! We just made a patch of gingersnap cookies, which were delicious (and healthy) and little daughter loved helping to mix and make and eat them! We’re also planning on making some chili this week, which will involve lots of pouring–one of her favorite activities right now. I’m also thinking an apple crisp might be in order (the one my friend recommends).

3. Adventuring around your city.

Toddlers playing in the woods

This is the perfect time of year to explore your city for fall fun! We’ve been to a couple apple orchards this year already, which is clearly the most popular activity (hi, everyone at the apple orchard on the weekend!). This is also a great time to check out your favorite local spots to see if they are offering anything extra fun to celebrate the season. Our favorite gardens have tons of fall decorations and the most enormous pumpkins ever! It’s also a great time to try something new or different than your usual adventures: I did some searching and found a pumpkin train ride that sounds intriguing! We also did some hiking with friends and the leaves were so lovely!

(last photo by Amy Davis)