Best Of • Parenting Edition

Baby crib: teach your baby to sleep

These are all the bests according to me. You might have your own bests already discovered and cherished. But if you’re in the market for any great finds, check out my loves below!

Best Parenting Book: Unconditional Parenting
Because: It radically changed my view on how to show love to my child and my perspective on rewards and praise.

Best Parenting Podcast: Unruffled
Because: She gives great scripting for how to speak to children in a loving, gentle, but firm way as you guide them through childhood. She’s where I got the term “confident leader” that I frequently utilize as a mantra.

Best Parenting YouTube Channel: Parenting Junkie
Because: She is extremely personable and knowledgeable about many parenting philosophies and offers great wisdom for raising children.

Best Place for Used Kids’ Clothes: ThredUp
Because: You can buy quality clothing at a reduced price without having to take your children out shopping!

Best Baby Carrier: ErgoBaby
Because: We still use it regularly at 18 months, and we’ve been using it (with the infant insert) since the week after she was born! It’s super sturdy and easy to put on and off.

Best Baby Sleep Course: A Mother Far From Home’s Coos to Snooze
Because: I really enjoy sleeping. And I wanted my little daughter to love sleeping and to sleep well! I bought this course when daughter was about 4.5 months old (this is usually around the time that they stop sleeping easily per my pediatrician) and it was immensely helpful in figuring out the best way for our whole family to get lots and lots of sleep!

Best High Chair: Tripp Trapp
Because: We’ve used this since daughter was sitting up and starting solids. I love that it can grow with the child: we started with an infant seat and tray, then just the infant seat, and daughter can now climb up into it by herself. It’s also easy to have pulled up to your dining table. And–it’s sturdy enough that adults can sit in it!

Best Thing To Do When You’re Having a Long Day with Little One: spend time outside!
Because: Somehow the outdoor air makes everything better for parents and littles!

Best TV Show for Kids: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
Because: It’s just the best. And while I don’t believe kiddos should spend much time watching tv, if they are going to watch something this is the one! With his slow pace and encouraging ways, this is a delightful show for kids and parents alike!

What are your bests? I’ll definitely be adding to this post as I find more favorites!