The Friday Five: #24 [Parenting Edition]

toddler driving toy car

My parenting favorites of the week!

Loved this list of things she’s learned in a decade of parenting. Some ring true for me and others are things I’m still learning. One of my very favorite blogging series I’ve ever read. I love, love, love reading about how other mamas do life in various parts of the world. As I mentioned earlier this week, I really love a good birth story. This lovely birth story (with photos by our wonderful photographer) is so beautiful and I loved seeing pictures of their little family! Really enjoyed this podcast that explains how to sportscast for our kids, as well as encouragement to let kids work through conflict. So good! And families with kiddos with disabilities are near and dear to my heart. So appreciatedĀ this podcast about being the family of a child with a disability, AND being the friend of a mama with a child with a disability.

What did you discover this week?