How Do You Decide on Costumes for Your Kids at Halloween?

Toddler firefighter Halloween costume

I know there won’t be many years that I’m asking this Halloween question, as little daughter is already growing her opinions about things exponentially. However, at only 19 months she’s not quite at the stage to care one way or another. In fact, she will probably not keep any costume on for an extended period of time.

So, how do you decide? It seems a rather personal choice: what would you like to be on this one day of the year where it is not only acceptable, but encouraged, to wander about outdoors in costume?

I decided to go Montessori on this topic and follow her lead. Right now she’s really into ladybugs (from reading this book), firefighters (from reading this book), and the moon (from existing in the world). Together, husband and I narrowed it down to these three loves, as they seemed most consistent over time. We also contemplated dressing her up as her favorite blanket as that really seemed most consistent over time, but then we were afraid everyone would think she was Linus.

We offered her picture images of each of the above costume ideas, but she got really excited about all of them. In the end, we went with what would cost the least amount of money and would be the easiest for us to find grown-up costumes to match her.

Family and toddler Halloween firefighter and fire costumes

She’s the cutest little firefighter if I do say so myself. She already had her rainboots and navy pajamas, so that was simple. We purchased the firehat and firecape and t-shirts for mama and baba and we’re all set!

I’m looking forward to many more years of dressing up! I love the idea of family costumes, but I’m curious how many years I’ll have influence over her costume choice. How do you do costumes in your family? Do your kids get carte blanche to decide themselves, do you follow their lead, or do you decide?