The Friday Five: #25 [Parenting Edition]

Friday Five Favorites of the Week!

Happy Friday Everyone! This might be the very best parenting Friday Five roundup yet! So much wisdom to think about!

Such great tips for fostering independent play in children! Play is the foundation of childhood and the best ways to cultivate it can sometimes seem elusive. Love this letter about motherhood and giving our kids permission to fail. I was so happy to read the first part of the series about family culture! I love this! In fact, I think this is my full-time job: creating an awesome family culture! (also, thanks Mom & Dad, for creating an awesome family culture for us!) I adore so much about the Montessori philosophy; these seven key phrases are perfect! I was delighted to discover this article that highlights all the ways little kids aren’t naughtyA million times yes to everything she wrote!

What did you love about parenting this week?