Christmas Gifts for the Toddler Who Loves Playing Boo, Greeting Everyone at the Grocery Store, and Hugging Inanimate Objects

Christmas gifts for toddlers
Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

I’m not trying to encroach on the holiday today, but you guys, it’s only 56 days til Christmas! Also, I love shopping early so as to find better sales and items in stock. So please enjoy your Halloween today! Go crazy with the pumpkins and costumes and candy! (well, maybe not the candy) Then we can start thinking of brilliant ideas for lovely gifts for our kiddos!

I’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for the popular gift-giving idea: want, need, wear, read. I’ve only done it for one year, but it’s already my favorite. I love it most for two reasons.

One, is the obvious: having a limit on how many things one buys for their child. Being a parent is hard. You want to give your kids the world, but you also want them to be really wonderful people who go and do good in the world. Having too much stuff isn’t the be-all, end-all for this to happen, of course, but it’s pretty easy to see where the path of too much might take you: entitlement, overwhelm, mess, clutter, drama…

The second reason I love this idea is the creativity it prompts in gift-giving. Having specific categories to shop for AND wanting to buy intentional, long-lasting, open-ended gifts makes for a fun shopping challenge! Want and read are two of the easiest, but need? What does a toddler really need? And wear…there’s the obvious, but also fun alternatives.

Here’s what’s going to be under little daughter’s tree this year. I hope it gives you some inspiration for gifting for your kiddos!

Want: A dollhouse with a few dolls and a bit of furniture. I found the dollhouse on Craigslist–winning! I love the idea of slowly collecting pieces for a larger gift such as more dolls and furniture.

Need: A wobbel board! This seems a necessity for an active toddler during the dead of a Midwestern winter.

Wear: A playsilk. Daughter has pretty much all she needs on the clothing and shoe front–thanks to some early Thred-Up shopping and post-season sales. She’s been loving playing with some of my old scarves, so we know this will be a hit!

Read: This is the hardest to narrow down this year! As daughter is growing out of board book phase, there are just. so. many. great. books. These are all options on our short list for Christmas gift: Moon. Hands. Birds.

Do you give your kids gifts? How do you decide how many? What is the hardest or best part for you? And my favorite gifting guide!

Title inspired by one my favorite holiday gift guides.