The Friday Five: #27

The Friday Five Favorites of the Week

Happy Friday! Time for all the favorites of the week!

ONE | This was the perfect encouragement to make the little changes! Seriously “what’s a small change that would create a big ripple effect in your day?”

TWO | Loved this list of healthy eating for growing babies from my midwife friend! “Eating a mostly (because no one is perfect) whole foods diet will support your body and your baby’s development for years after they are born.” So true!

THREE | A reminder that putting effort into our happiness/joy is worth it! (and tips for how to make it happen).

FOUR | I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover the Raising Saints podcast, but I’m so glad I finally did! I started with this episode and I can’t wait to listen more; she has a great speaking voice and a lovely way of sharing the faith! Such a great resource for parents and youth workers.

FIVE | And we’re watching Stranger Things 2! Oh my goodness, this show is the most peculiar show: I’ve never watched a show before that I liked so much and understood so little!

What are you favorites this week, my friends?