The Friday Five: #30

The Friday Five: Favorites of the Week

Happy Friday! What did you love this week? I hope you had a great post-holiday week! Here are my favorite finds:

ONE | Loved this essay about the little things we tell our kids. My mom always says “Be safe. Have fun. Remember who you are.” What did/do your parents say to you?

TWO | These ideas for generosity and gift-giving at the holidays are so lovely! Especially when giving to people you don’t know as well.

THREE | This quote was just perfect. One of the reasons I believe homemaker is a better title than houswife or stay-at-home-mom.

FOUR | Making pinecone bird feeders with Josephine! She’s been loving birds lately and when the birds finally find our feeders I know she will love it!

FIVE | Finding this beautiful library of photos! (nerd alert) You can read more about the library. I cannot wait to think up a creative project for these!

What did you love this week? I’d love to know!