The Friday Five: #32

The Friday Five: #32

Happy Friday! All the best this week:

ONE | Loved almost all of this about true self-care. Especially because sometimes doing the thing you least want to do is the best thing you can do.

TWO | A great video sharing ideas on how to talk to our kids about Santa. This was super helpful since we’re still sorting this out at our house. We know the real St. Nicholas will be a big part of our family traditions, but still what to do when Santa makes appearances this season? (would love to know what your family does, too!)

THREEAnd this was the best. Because minimalism is NOT really about the stuff. It’s about the things that are truly important. Like marriages.

FOUR | A most precious and hilarious version of the Christmas story. Because I will never not love Kid Snippets and all things related. My dream is to star in a Kid Snippets-esque production one day.

FIVE | I’ve been finding this quote everywhere lately and it perfectly summarizes our struggle with happiness. As my bishop pointed out this weekend, it’s the hard things and the hard people that help us grow. We should not avoid the hard things OR the hard feelings. It’s okay to feel all the feels and to work through hard times and hard relationships. We can do this!

I’d love to know what you’re loving lately!