The Friday Five: #33

Friday Five #33: favorites of the week

The week before Christmas: exciting, exhausting, welcoming, and wonderful! Here are all my favorites this week:

ONE | I know I’ve been talking about self-care so much lately, but tis the season! This is a wonderful essay from one of my favorite parenting pros about practicing self-care as parents of young children.

TWO | December is nearly over (I hope you’ve had rest and fun!), but this is a perfect reminder that December can (and probably should) be small when you have littles at home.

THREE | Loved these insights into the experience gift phenomenon. (plus experience gifts are an easy one if, say, you’re still Christmas shopping today)

FOUR | Such a fabulous article on all the reasons we need to stop the Good Job Epidemic. And some great ideas for what to do for your child instead!

FIVE | A lovely article for all the mamas who work hard to make Christmas magic, and a reminder to be thankful for this work.

What did you love this week? I hope your holiday weekend is full of all the good things, and even if it’s not, I hope that your heart is still filled by love and joy.

photo courtesy of Katherine Newhouse