The Friday Five: #34

Friday Five: Favorites of the week

Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are getting ready for a fun New Year celebration! Here’s my favorites from this week:

ONE | A beautiful essay about choosing a word (a practice) for the coming year. All about consistency and faith and how we love others. Do you choose a word to mold your year?

TWO | A great episode from one of my favorite podcasters about the “pivots” we make in our life. The big changes that come our way and how they shape our lives. So good!

THREE | Such a sweet read about the transition from no baby to baby. I always love hearing from other mamas about their transitions, because they are immensely hard and extremely magical simultaneously.

FOUR | An amazing article: we must stop controlling our children’s play! How else will they learn “the essential skills of negotiation, trading, conflict-resolution, empathy, kindness, sharing, compassion, and so much more”? (putting her book on my library list!)

FIVE | Spending all the time with our family. My best gift: watching young and old come together to play, read, pray, eat, sing, and laugh. So grateful for this time!

What did you love this week? Happy New Year, friends!