The Friday Five: #35

Friday Five--Unwavering Fable #35

Hello, my friends! I hope your post holidays are going well…I always feel that this is a strange in-between time of year. So, I’ve been looking for things to inspire and encourage! This is what I’ve been thinking about and working on!

ONE | A great idea for making New Year’s resolutions with your children! I can’t wait til little daughter is old enough to start one of these journals! (for now i make photo books to remember her years)

TWO | One of my favorite Montessori moms wrote a post about rotating toys. Helpful and practical ideas for not only our children, but the overall home environment!

THREE | Just started reading this book, and I’m already enraptured! Love the practical wisdom and overarching parenting goals she shares. (will write more when I’m finished reading!)

FOUR | Enjoyed reading this sweet post about January! Love noticing the little things that make a season special.

FIVE | As we’re getting farther into the toddler season this was a good reminder that frustration can actually benefit our children. 

What did you find to love this week?