Sick Days with Little Ones

Sick Days with Little Ones

Thankfully, we haven’t had too many sick days thus far, but the other morning little girl woke with a fever. She was tired and uncomfortable. Wanting cuddles and everything just so.

It’s hard to be a mama to a sick one; I hate seeing my baby feel poorly. It also necessarily means dumping all plans out the window, which can be a challenge when you’re type A. It can also be a welcome respite from all the obligations.

In the spirit of embracing the sick day and finding our best way through it, this is what we did:

Screen Time

We snuggled on the sofa with a cozy and watched Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and Mary Poppins. Little daughter normally doesn’t have the interest to sit still to watch a show, so this is how I know she’s really sick. Movies and shows are a perfect special treat for a sick day.

Lots of Books

I switched out our book basket recently to hold her winter books as well as her new Christmas books. We sat on the sofa and read through the whole basket multiple times.

A Little Medicine

Found some dye-free and high-fructose-corn-syrup-free medicine (which seems crazy to me–that all medicine isn’t free of these things!) to help when a fever gets too high. Also stocked up on some elderberry syrup, which we’d never tried before!

Lots of Fluids

We made sure to have lots of water, kombucha (daughter’s favorite), and some hot herbal tea throughout the day.


During the winter we go to a music class–all of the songs have quickly become favorites. Singing and listening to our songs was a sweet way to cheer her up when feeling irritable. We also listened to the Apolytikion for Theophany since we were celebrating this feast.

So grateful when little daughter started feeling better quickly! And praying that we don’t catch too many bugs this winter season. What do you do to stay healthy? And what helps when your little one is sick?

Sick Days with Little Ones