The Friday Five: #36

The Friday Five: #36 Unwavering Fable

Hello to Friday! So glad it’s here! We had some sickness this week and weird weather, and I’m happy to be at Friday! Here are the things I found to love this week:

ONE | If you’re already having a hard time keeping your new year resolutions (ahem, habits) this is a great read on the emotional and relational aspect of maintaining self-control.

TWO | A reminder that it’s the little everyday things that build the foundation for the big things…like a marriage. Have always loved the Gottman books and resources for marriage!

THREE | I love me some minimalism, but I never want to love it to the forsaking of hospitality. This article about family and old houses and the joy of hospitality resonates with me (maybe particularly about the old house, but all the rest, too).

FOUR | If you’re preparing to have your home blessed (something Orthodox do every year between Theophany and Lent), this is a precious video to teach your littles about what will happen!

FIVE | An inspiring read for those times when it feels like nothing is working–when life is not going as planned. A reminder that “the work of winter is to heal and nourish”. 

What did you find to love this week? Has your family been staying healthy? Cheers to the weekend!