The Friday Five: #37

The Friday Five: #37 Unwavering Fable

Hi Friends! This week was a good one! I hope yours was, too! Here’s what I found to love this week:

ONE | A great article supporting “No Homework”I’m a big believer in this philosophy and I’d love to see it become more mainstream!

TWO| Our 2017 family photo book arrived from Blurb! We are in love with our new book…Josephine pages through it several times a day. I can’t recommend making family photo books enough! (i had to switch from Booksmart to Bookwright because of a new computer and discovered that it’s much easier to use!)

THREE | I’ve found that creating “white space” in my daughter’s daily and weekly rhythms is essential to a healthy and happy child. I’m really good at protecting daughter’s white space, but I need to figure out some ways to give myself a bit more white space somedays!

FOUR | Found this cutest video of a little boy making a tree swing. Makes me long for summer, (i’m trying with winter!) but also: love that his parents let him do a lot of this project himself!

FIVE | Our home was featured on one of my favorite blog series! The process of photographing and answering the interview questions reminded me how very grateful I am for this life, this family, this home. So glad for this opportunity!

Have a lovely weekend!