The Friday Five: #39

Friday Five: #39 Unwavering Fable

Happy Friday! Here’s what I loved this week:

ONE | Hmm, a great idea about the end of the school day. And maybe husband’s work day?

TWO | Watched Breathe this weekend. The movie tells the story of the Cavendishes–which is such a lovely and sad story–and especially sweet because it was produced by their son. Husband and I were both in tears at the end. I am constantly amazed by how quickly medical intervention changes in a short time. I took it for granted that my patients could have a trach and vent and wheelchair and live at home.

THREE | Some beautiful ideas for Lenten preparation with little ones. I’m still debating ideas, but leaning towards making a rock garden.

FOUR | Great ideas and reminders for connecting with our kiddos. They can act in difficult ways for a multitude of reasons…but sometimes it’s because they need more connection with us.

FIVE | Broadchurch is back! (i’m not sure how i missed this–i need someone to keep me updated on TV shows) This is one of my all time favorite British mystery shows: fabulous acting, beautiful scenery, incredible story-telling.

How about you? What did you love this week?