The Friday Five: #40

Friday Five #40 Unwavering Fable

Happy Friday! Hope you’re having the best week! Here are some favorites!

ONE | Sweet essay about worries and loss and great wisdom from a little one.

TWO | And to follow up on last week’s goalsten reasons to go outside when it’s rainy/cold/the worst.

THREE | A quote from this book: “…living with a terminal disease is like walking on a tightrope over an insanely scary abyss…living without disease is also like walking on a tightrope over an insanely scary abyss, only with some fog or cloud cover obscuring the depths a bit more….” So beautiful and true.

FOUR | Good reminders for the importance of putting in the effort to maintain friendships. I find as I get older it’s more important to me to spend quality time with a core few friends, rather than lots of friends here and there.

FIVE | Finding out that Tom Hanks is playing this favorite character! I finally have a movie I can’t wait for in 2018!

What did you love this week? Have a happy weekend!