The Friday Five: #41

Friday Five #41 Unwavering Fable

Hello! Hope you’re having a beautiful week! Here’s what I found lovely and interesting this week.

ONE | Loved this beautiful essay on balancing motherhood and other work. So perfectly sums up how I feel some days, and how it always seems to come back to mothering for me.

TWO | This sweet list from pediatric palliative care patients about what they loved in life had me feeling all the feels.

THREE | Some great thoughts from my priest on making room for God during the Lenten season. He has treasures of peace and joy and love just waiting to be found. 

FOUR | Just discovered this blog/Youtube channel and I’m obsessed. I think it’s because she is everything I am not: unschooling, living in a yurt, adventurous, spontaneous, disorganized, with beautiful unwashed hair. I just have to know more.

FIVE | A beautiful essay about creativity and making. Mum, don’t you know? making things makes me happier than buying things. Love the idea of being co-creators with God.

What did you love this week? Anything funny or random? Serious or thought-provoking?