The Friday Five: #42

Friday Five #42 Unwavering Fable

Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week:

ONE | Loved this article on noticing the love all around us. Sometimes it’s harder to see, and in truth, we do need to train our minds to notice.

TWO | Playing in the rain with this one.

THREE | Reading the Psalms. I joined a Psalter group for Lent and it’s the best. Outside inspiration and support to do something lovely and nourishing for my soul? Yes, please! (i think you can still sign up here if you’d like!)

FOUR | Turmeric lattes; they are amazing! I’ve finally found the draw to this goldenmilk. While I’m heating a cup full of almond-coconut milk on the stove (my favorite milk blend) I pop a small piece of peeled ginger, a few dashes of cinnamon and turmeric, a scoop of coconut oil, a little splash of vanilla, and a generous amount of honey in the blender. When the milk is heated I pour it over top and blend. Comes out frothy and delicious and the perfect antidote to the rest of winter.

FIVE | Such a lovely article about mothering and how it really shines a light on our own weaknesses sometimes. Modeling can be such hard work some days. Loved this!

What have you been loving this week? Rainy days or sunny days by you? Have a lovely weekend!