The Friday Five: #43

The Friday Five 43 Unwavering Fable

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely week. Here are few favorites I found:

ONE | Loved this video about raising kids who aren’t special. (hint: that’s all of them)

TWO | This article about praise was spot on! I’ve written about the praise struggle before, and I love finding new perspectives and ideas for supporting our kids in other ways.

THREE | Oh, and the inspiration to praise and compliment adults in better ways, too!

FOUR | A podcast episode about being the leader our children need us to be in the midst of their toddler struggles. My ongoing mantra (inspired by the author) is I am a calm and confident leader.  I loved and needed this reminder.

FIVE | The best practical article I’ve read on bringing young children to Church. Oh boy, is this ever the making of patience. But then there are some lovely moments, too, like last night when little one was “chanting” along with Baba while flipping through the prayer book. A little loudly, but nonetheless beautiful.

What did you love this week? Have a fabulous weekend!