The Friday Five: #46

Unwavering Fable Friday Five #46

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a good week. For us Orthodox it’s one filled with preparation and anticipation for Pascha! I still found a few things to share:

ONE | Interesting thoughts about work and life balance. I don’t currently work outside the home, but I still get caught up in getting things done rather than being present in the moment. Do you schedule life first?

TWO | A good reminder to gather up minutes with our children every day. Save them forever.

THREE | The importance of protecting childhood. Protecting them from “too much stuff, too many choices, too much information, and too much speed.”

FOUR | Loved making one batch of natural egg dyeI love the idea of making natural dyes, but didn’t want multiple pots of brewing veggies and herbs (minimalist in every way). We only used purple cabbage and it worked like a charm to turn our white eggs blue! We livened things up by making light blue and dark blue!

FIVE | Getting so ready for Pascha! Menu is set, treats are bought, clothes are prepared, and now we’re spending lots of hours at Church praying and preparing! Blessed feast to all those celebrating!