The Friday Five: #48

Friday Five Unwavering Fable

Whew! It’s been a bit! The end of Lent and Paschal season tend to roll right into warm weather and I stop making time for writing. Working to make more time for these things I love!

ONE | More ideas for keeping hospitality simple and attainable. Hosting people in our home has been on my mind a lot lately! (don’t be surprised if i invite you over and we’re having burrito bowls!)

TWO | Loved this essay about motherhood and all it’s intricacies. By grace her children will call her blessed.

THREE | These thoughts on letting children feel on the feelings is spot on. And believe me, we’ve been having all the feelings over here lately.

FOUR | A great podcast episode about marriage. Lots of wise and thoughtful tips for working through the big and little moments throughout a marriage.

FIVE | And another podcast episode on teaching our children to love others. Especially great for those who have or work with teens!

That’s all for me! Hopefully back more regularly soon! What did you love this week?