About Me

happy family time!

Welcome to Unwavering Fable!

I’m Elizabeth. I was born in Colorado and raised in Georgia. I went to college in Minnesota, interned in Wisconsin, and currently live in Michigan. I daydream about warm weather while scraping snow off my car (but Michigan it is for the foreseeable future).

I studied psychology in college and worked as a child life specialist for nearly ten years! I supported families and children every day. I loved this job. I learned about life, family, and myself in that job. And I pray that I made a tiny bit of a hard time better for my patients and their families.

Now my job is homemaking. I take it very literally. Every day I get up with the hopes that I will make our home the best it can be. Some days work out better than others. And making our home the best it can be does not include emphasis on ridding it of cobwebs. Unfortunately.

For me, making our home the best it can be means practicing our Orthodox faith, reading great books, practicing intentional parenting, taking pictures of our lives, eating whole foods, exploring our world, and learning to love the people around us.

I write about all these things here at Unwavering Fable. But mostly parenting. And family life. Oh, and exploration of the world. Really, I think you’ll have to follow along and read all about it. 

I hope to inspire and encourage. Share and delight. So glad you’re here!


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