Friday Five: #13

Favorites! Picking strawberries and making jam! We picked at Krupp Farm, which was a marvelous location. Delivering jam to my grandparents who made it for my family for so many years was extra special. Giving my husband a year of dates for father's day. Oh yes, I did. I realize that it's a gift for both of… Continue reading Friday Five: #13

The Ten Minute Rule

I'm not very good at finishing things, but starting things can also be daunting. Especially the nitty-gritty, boring things you don't enjoy. It's also difficult to start things when you know you could quickly be interrupted by a small human. So, I tend to put things off... Until I decided on my ten minute rule!… Continue reading The Ten Minute Rule

The Mom Myth

There is a pervasive mom myth exploding the internet, and I have fallen prey to it. The myth is this: that motherhood is the hardest thing ever. Now, before you start slinging accusations or reminding me of my one child or pointing to the fact that I've only been doing this mothering gig for fifteen… Continue reading The Mom Myth

Friday Five: #12

So many favorites this week! Discovering matcha green tea! I'd heard of matcha before, but did not realize the difference between plain ol' green tea. Mixing up an iced tea each afternoon: brew with honey, add a splash of cream and a few ice cubes. Delicious! 50 thoughtful and inspirational ideas for living an intentional… Continue reading Friday Five: #12

Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI

Resources in our Grand Rapids community (and online) that I have found so helpful for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond! Acupuncture • Janice Brinkerhoff – Holistic Care Approach 616.361.9221 Birth Photography • Brooke Collier Photography 616.821.1097 Breastfeeding Support Group • Grand Rapids Breastfeeding Support Group Car Seat Education & Safety •SafeKids Greater Grand Rapids 616.391.SAFE… Continue reading Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

I have the perfect father's day gift this year! (which is fortuitous, since husband knocked it out of the park for Mother's Day 2017) Behold, our gift: My husband developed an interesting affinity for olives while we were in Lebanon. And then recently, he mentioned that he'd like a plant for his office. And voilà:… Continue reading The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Friday Five: #11

Some of my favorites this week: The pool is open! My family had a neighborhood pool during my childhood and I'm grateful we get to provide daughter with the opportunity to swim often. So far she is a big fan! (found this to be helpful tips for Montessori-ing swimming). This was so helpful in recalibrating my Montessori ideals! Girls'… Continue reading Friday Five: #11

4 Favorites for Pregnancy

Reflecting back on pregnancy makes me flinch sometimes. I had a relatively easy pregnancy without major complications or issues. At 30 years, I wasn't too old and not very young during pregnancy with my daughter. Despite this, I found pregnancy to be tough on my body. Yes, God made our bodies beautifully and wonderfully and… Continue reading 4 Favorites for Pregnancy

What’s Next?

I've written before about how I recently resigned from my part time job to stay home with my daughter. I made the transition slowly: moving from full time to part time after her birth, and then leaving part time after a year. I'm not one to make big decisions quickly. I'm good at making decisions,… Continue reading What’s Next?