Easter Basket for a 1-year-old

One of the things I most look forward to as a wife and mother is creating traditions for my family. Traditions have been of utmost importance to me my whole life; my faith has a heavy emphasis on tradition and my parents also raised me to honor tradition. Some traditions are big and important, and… Continue reading Easter Basket for a 1-year-old

Friday Five: #4

And on Friday, our favorites! What are yours this week? See mine below! A new workout class with cardio, weights, and core strengthening and leaves me feeling all the endorphins. Exercising with my friend makes it all the better: partner for commiserating about how much our hamstrings hurt the next day. Podcast #91 of Sorta Awesome… Continue reading Friday Five: #4

All The Philosophies

I'm a bit of a dabbler when it comes to philosophies and styles and theories of education and development. I read a lot, but I'm unable to choose just one. I love Erikson because his ideas about an identity struggle at each stage of life makes so much sense to me. As infants we're struggling… Continue reading All The Philosophies

The Friday Five: #3

And on Fridays, our favorites! My favorites this week: This article about honoring the role of being a mama. So good. And another article --about allowing our light and joy to shine forth rather than hiding behind our masks. Breakfast for three on a Saturday morning. These lines from a prayer I've been reading during Lent:… Continue reading The Friday Five: #3

Best Book of February

In February I read For the Children's Sake, Library of Souls,The Rest of God, The Girl on the Train, Big Little Lies, Traveling Mercies, and Carry On. The winner of the Best Book of February is: For the Children's Sake. Traveling Mercies was a close second. I've been working to incorporate more non-fiction into my reading this year, and… Continue reading Best Book of February

Traveling: Pittsburgh

Last weekend my my sister, mother, daughter, and I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit my other sister for a girl's weekend! Sister was a lovely hostess, and we so enjoyed exploring the city and spending time together. There's nothing like watching your child develop relationships with the people you love; makes me love them all… Continue reading Traveling: Pittsburgh

The Friday Five: #2

And on Fridays we share our five favorites! This article about minimalism and kids sums up a lot of what my instincts have been telling me as I've entered the world of mothering. I choose calm. And a life hack article that reminds me that all the little investments I make for myself and my… Continue reading The Friday Five: #2

Best Book of January

In January I read The Spy, The Sound of Gravel, Lilac Girls, Hollow City, and The Rosie Effect. And the winner of the auspicious title Elizabeth's Best Book of January: a tie. I know, such a cop-out. But truly, I read two really phenomenal books in January and both so different. First, The Sound of Gravel… Continue reading Best Book of January

4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island

In January we took a family vacation to Anna Maria Island. We rented a house in Holmes Beach with two other families with little kiddos. I cannot recommend this enough for those of you with small children who would still like to go on fun vacations. Gather up a few of your favorite friends and… Continue reading 4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island