Resource Spotlight: Mama Natural Birth Course

In preparation for the birth of my daughter I registered for our hospital birth course and also purchased the Mama Natural Birth Course. I have read Mama Natural’s (Genevieve) blog and watched her videos for years; I love her insights on natural living, parenting, and giving birth. I was thrilled when she released her birth course in time for my daughter’s birth! I ended up foregoing the hospital birth course, and relied solely on the Mama Natural course, which worked so well for me!

The course is designed for viewing at home, following your own schedule. Genevieve collaborated with a doula in producing the course–they both have great experience and resources to share. It is obvious that they have done extensive research on these topics and their easy-going approach is very engaging. I loved that they included various couples’ stories of birth in order to show a variety of experiences. The sections with the dads’ views was sometimes a little corny, but super nice for fathers that want more information from a male perspective.

You can read all about the course, and watch an intro video. The website also goes into great detail on what is provided in their two course options. I found the birth scholar option to be sufficient for me–the 8 weeks sessions with comfort videos and natural birth videos were the most help. So grateful for the preparation this course provided me! I would not have been nearly as aware of what was happening during my labor and delivery, nor confident that I could successfully deliver a baby, without the help of this course. For any mamas interested in having a natural delivery and wanting to learn more about labor and birth, I recommend this course!

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