Reading: For the Children’s Sake

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay was a Christmas gift from my mother. This rather thin book contains a wealth of information and educational ideas based on the teachings of Charlotte Mason. I’ve heard the Mason name before in association with education, but this was my introduction to her. I must say, I’m smitten. I’m planning to put at least one book authored by Charlotte Mason on my reading list, but I trust that I’ll return to The Children’s Sake  many times.

Despite the 80’s cover and the somewhat dense writing I want you to crack it open and enjoy her words. It may seem old-fashioned impossibilities at the outset, but I’m all about returning to our roots and embracing intentional living. This book encourages all mamas desperate to give their child an intentional education.

Macaulay sets out to break down Mason’s ideas into easily understandable goals for the education of our children. “Everyone would like education to be a joyous adventure and celebration of life, as well as a solid preparation for living” pretty much sums up my dreams for my daughter. And frankly, for myself. I have great goals for my daughter and her education these many years, but I also believe my education as a mother has barely started, and I can’t wait to learn more.

My favorite practical ideas from this book are nature and story journals. Much as the name implies, these are books to collect drawings or writing about things discovered in nature, and imagery or writings to depict stories read aloud. I can picture my daughter with me: a sunny afternoon would our hardbound books spread out, a row of watercolors between us, using brushes to paint our stories. I love when learning excites me this much!


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