The Friday Five: #1

Friday Five: Favorites of the week!

On Fridays we share our five favorites. Ready? Go!

The Sorta Awesome podcast by Megan Tietz brings me so much joy and laughter as these inspiring ladies share their stories and life hacks. Swinging in February; our hands were cold, but our faces were smiling. The sky that brought us rain and snow and sun and wind this week–thanks for making every day exciting, weather! Watching This is Us with my love even though we want to punch Kevin in the face during every episode this is a sweet show to cuddle up and watch together. (I’d like to move in next door to Randall and Beth and be best friends with them). Daughter’s nap routine because she finally figured out how to take long (1+ hours) naps!

Cheers to finding all the things to be grateful for each week!