Traveling: Pittsburgh

Last weekend my my sister, mother, daughter, and I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit my other sister for a girl’s weekend! Sister was a lovely hostess, and we so enjoyed exploring the city and spending time together. There’s nothing like watching your child develop relationships with the people you love; makes me love them all so much! And it was super fun to do it with the backdrop of a gritty and pretty city like Pittsburgh!

We got around to quite a few sites and several fun restaurants, especially considering a baby in tow. We visited the Children’s Museum on Friday, which is where my little sister works! It is hands-down the coolest children’s museum I’ve ever seen! They have so many programs and rooms filled with projects. One of my favorite things–particularly because I’m into Montessori and the open-ended, child-led activities–was that there tons of materials and supplies available for kids to build and make EVERYWHERE! Kids could make with clay or paint or tools or sew or weave or build. There were musical toys, and gross motor activities, and climbing, and exploring; I loved it so much I would totally love to live close enough for a membership.

On Saturday we went to Phipps Conservatory and the National Aviary. Plants in the morning and birds in the afternoon! This was my second visit to the Phipps and I can’t get over how enormous and beautiful their exhibits are. We were just in time for bonsai and orchid extravaganza and it was gorgeous. There was also a delightful miniature Pittsburgh gardenĀ from over the years–daughter’s favorite features were the trains and Mr. Roger’s trolley! I’ve never been in the summer for the outdoor gardens, but I can only imagine it’s even more spectacular. The aviary was walking distance from sister’s house, and full of fun birds (and bats, surprise!). We went near the end of the day and it was feeding time for lots of the birds and they were very interactive. Loved the penguins best.

We got to visit some of my sister’s favorite restaurants; the Mexican food at Casa Reyna on The Strip was delicious, and Saturday night the Greek cuisine at Christos’ felt like we were back in Greece! Little daughter was mesmerized when the saganaki was accompanied by Opa! and whistling. Also, eating at early o’clock for baby’s bedtime meant that we got seated immediately for all our meals! Brunch (my sister says it has to be called breakfast if we eat before 10am–thanks to baby that was up at 6am) is my favorite and we got to try two different spots: Coca Cafe and Zenith. Both were super unique and delicious. Coca is more artsy and hip–try the rosemary grits with leeks–and Zenith is hipster and basically in an antique store (they are vegan friendly, but I did order the “scrambled actual eggs” on the menu). So good!

This weekend was delightful! So grateful to spend time with all the girls in my family and bring my daughter to explore new things in a new city. I love adventuring and travel! Also, so grateful to come back to my own bed and routine. Until next time, Pittsburgh!

P.S. My sister’s museum is up for USA Today Top 10 Best Museums for Families! If you’ve enjoyed the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh vote here before March 27th.