Best Book of February

In February I read For the Children’s SakeLibrary of Souls,The Rest of God, The Girl on the TrainBig Little Lies, Traveling Mercies, and Carry On. The winner of the Best Book of February is: For the Children’s Sake. Traveling Mercies was a close second. I’ve been working to incorporate more non-fiction into my reading this year, and I must say it’s been easier than I anticipated.

I did a whole blog post on The Children’s Sake, which gets 4 stars in my book. In second place was Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. This is the second book I’ve read by her, and I adore her writing style and gift for story-telling. She has a sense of humor that I find hilarious; even though our political and religious views could not be more different, I couldn’t put this one down. I love the way she pulls stories from her life experiences and helps them be funny nuggets of truth and thoughtfulness. 3.5 stars.

All the rest:

  • Library of Souls. 3 stars. The third book in the Peregrine series, which is a random fantasy series I’ve enjoyed. This one was better than the second book.
  • The Girl on the Train. 3 stars. A fun, little thriller. I could see the ending coming about three quarters through, but still suspenseful.
  • Big Little Lies. 3 stars. Another fun thriller, although not the best writing. First time reading a mystery set up with not knowing the victim til the end.
  • The Rest of God. 2.5 stars. Picked this one up cause I wanted to learn more about the idea of keeping Sabbath. Loved a lot of his ideas and insights, but the writing was not great.
  • Carry On. 1.5 stars. Very disappointed in this book; I’ve really enjoyed Rowell’s other books, but this was not what I expected from the fan-fic of Harry Potter-ness to the plot that turned to love story that dragged on and changed the whole arc of the story.

What was your best book last month?


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