The Friday Five: #3

The Friday Five Favorites of the Week

And on Fridays, our favorites! My favorites this week:

This article about honoring the role of being a mama. So good. And another article –about allowing our light and joy to shine forth rather than hiding behind our masks. Breakfast for three on a Saturday morning. These lines from a prayer I’ve been reading during Lent: “Raise my children to labor to acquire the grace of the Holy Spirit…Surround my children with indestructible walls, O Heavenly Queen, that under Thy blessed protection, they may accomplish a multitude of good deeds…” And for the first time ever, Daylight Savings Time, because it means little girl’s wake-up time is an hour later, so I actually get myself out of bed to enjoy a prayer, coffee, and a chapter of my book before she’s ready to cuddle!