Friday Five: #4

And on Friday, our favorites! What are yours this week? See mine below!

A new workout class with cardio, weights, and core strengthening and leaves me feeling all the endorphins. Exercising with my friend makes it all the better: partner for commiserating about how much our hamstrings hurt the next day. Podcast #91 of Sorta Awesome with eight happiness habits that made me feel so energized to be my most joyful self. Sunday afternoon at the park; swinging and sliding and sit-ups and sunshine for the three of us! Weeding and raking in my yard for the first time this year! I have so many plans for my gardens this year, but also needing lots of maintenance that has been neglected during pregnancy and newborn time. Looking forward to teaching little daughter all about gardening! The first crocuses! Even though the temps have been hanging out in the 40s, crocuses don’t lie: spring is coming!


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