Friday Five: #5

On Fridays? Our favorites.

This post about the things children really need even if they don’t always seem to appreciate them. Oh, validation! This podcast episode for reassuring me that the year of marriage after having a baby can be so hard. And also creative date night ideas! Standing in my kitchen, listening to a podcast, sun shining through the windows, daughter napping, and cooking a healthy dinner for my family is a gift not taken for granted. And then, these pictures for reminding us to live our lives well: “The images are desperately sad but not necessarily depressing. Rather than try to crush us with the remembrance of death, they are on the side of life, they give us new determination to make sure the coming days are not wasted like so many others have been.” And lastly, some simple quotes and tips to help encourage a Montessori lifestyle; sometimes there are so many things to remember and these are quick reminders that I know I will refer to often.

Happy Friday! What things do you love learning/reading/listening/doing this week?


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