A First Birthday Party!

first birthday party

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday party with family and friends. It was such a lovely celebration of a first year. A first year as parents. A first year of joy. A first year of learning so much. I’m beyond grateful for the gift of our daughter, and the wonderful community of family and friends we are blessed to raise her in. So grateful for family members who came from out of town to celebrate with us, too!

I want to share a little bit about her party as it was so much fun for me to plan! We followed a Madeline/French theme; themes are so helpful in helping narrow down menu, decorations, and activities. I find it helpful to choose both a theme and a color scheme within the theme.

My friend designed her invitations; her talent is phenomenal and I love working with her! I wanted to spend most of our money on the things that matter: food and wine, so kept decor pretty simple. Some yellow plates and balloons, namecards made from old cardstock, and flowers! Luckily our forsythia was just beginning to bloom, and Trader Joe’s did not disappoint with yellow daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus. I used all the white milk glass and silver I’ve collected over the years and the table was lovely!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

One of my favorite things I prepared for the party was a low-energy game. As daughter is only one, I knew she wouldn’t be up for games at a party yet, but we had several older kids as guests. I wanted something that would be fun for them, without needing to be a big production (such as a piƱata–there will be other years for that!). My siblings helped hide Madelines around the house and I left instructions for finding them out; when the kids found five they came to get a prize from me. It worked so well, and I think it kept them entertained and get to know each other.


The most important part was the food! My family helped me a ton with preparation; my sister even helped with the baking. I made the Reine de Saba cake from Julia Child for daughter’s little smash cake (and a big one for the rest of us). It was delectable! We also baked a French yogurt cake, a blackberry clafoutis, and mini pains au chocolat! We had a fruit salad and veggie tray in the color scheme (my family thought I was a bit silly, but the yellow peppers, squash, cauliflower, and yellow carrots looked so pretty together!). We also picked up French cheeses from the Cheese Lady (brie of course!), baguettes from Hall Street Bakery, and macarons from Le Bon Macaron. So grateful our small city has such great shops!

Such a fun party to plan and to enjoy! Loved that it was simple enough, while still feeling so festive! Happy birthday to my baby girl!