Favorite Parenting Resources

Before I became a mother, there were many things I thought I’d never do or many I knew I would always do. Just as in marriage, “never” and “always” are not the best words to use.

One of the things I knew I would never do was let my child go around with a booger-encrusted nose. While she was in the midst of her 23rd cold this winter, and decidedly unappreciative of all attempts to clean her nose, I actually reached over and wiped my daughter’s nose with my fingers! In public. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Although this is a simple change in my pre-child parenting and my actual-child parenting, there are many more important changes, ideas, and practices I’ve discovered. I’m still in the very rookie phase of parenting (my daughter just turned one!), but I wanted to share some sources I have found so helpful for learning my actual-child parenting style.

I often buy or borrow books for my Kindle, as it’s convenient and easy, but I would recommend perhaps purchasing these in book form for reference. With little ones, it can often seem daunting to find time to read a book; I find that reading 5-10 pages before bed is a calming routine for me, and I move through books fairly quickly!

Simplicity Parenting
Bringing up Bebe
Montessori From the Start
No Bad Kids
On the Upbringing of Children
For the Children’s Sake
How to Talk so Kids Will Listen &  Listen so Kids Will Talk

I listen to podcasts during our afternoon walks most often, but while commuting or cooking dinner or folding laundry are other great times to get a listen in.

Coffee & Crumbs


Practising Simplicity
A Mother Far From Home (particularly her sleep course–so worth the money!)


Whole Family Rhythms

Many of these books and sites I will return to repeatedly. Because, you know, each time I figure something out, something else changes. I’d love to know–what resources have you found helpful in your parenting? And, is there anything you never thought you’d do before you had an actual child?


2 thoughts on “Favorite Parenting Resources”

  1. I never thought I’d give my baby pre-packaged baby food (now I just keep it organic!) or *gasp* give him fast food before he was maybe ten! Three moves have ensured the occasional fries, though I do my best to keep him on ChickFilA nuggets on rare occasions. 🙂


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