Best Book of May

May truly was my worst month of reading! I only completed one book, which is now by default the best book of May. I enjoyed The Happiest Kids in the World by Rina Acosta and Michele Hutchison, but didn’t love it. Reading about the ways different cultures raise their children is fascinating and the Dutch were no exception. However, if you were to read one book about cultural differences and ideas for parenting I recommend Bringing up Bebe. Happiest Kids had a lot more story-telling and less practical advice, it was a little harder to read, and–my least favorite part–sometimes felt like they were criticizing Bebe. I give it 2.5 stars.

I also have a confession this month: I could not finish The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori. I feel like the worst Montessori-style-lover, as this is supposed to be a hallmark book for all things Montessori. I love the concepts and quotes I’ve heard from this book, but the actual reading of it was so challenging! There was so much back story of science and animals and I couldn’t get to the part where it actually related to children. Maybe my mind was otherwise occupied, but I ended up deleting it from my Kindle. Maybe another time?

I’m currently in the middle of three books right now, which will hopefully wrap up in June, but I blame Anne with an E, Parenthood, and beautiful weather for the lack of completed books this month!

What about you? Did you read a lot this month? Could you finish The Absorbent Mind and if so, should I try again?


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