The Ten Minute Rule

10 minute cleaning rule

I’m not very good at finishing things, but starting things can also be daunting. Especially the nitty-gritty, boring things you don’t enjoy. It’s also difficult to start things when you know you could quickly be interrupted by a small human. So, I tend to put things off…

Until I decided on my ten minute rule! Ten minutes of cleaning, ten minutes of yard work. Everyday.

In ten minutes I can water all my flowers.

In ten minutes I can dust the flight of stairs.

In ten minutes I can weed half of my garden bed.

In ten minutes I can clean a good portion of the bathroom. Definitely the toilets.

And if the spirit moves me? Or the baby takes a longer nap or is really engaged in helping me dust? I can keep going! Ten minutes isn’t the maximum, but it is my minimum. If sweat is dripping down the backs of my legs or daughter is clinging to my skirts asking to be held, I’m done after ten minutes. But ten minutes is better than nothing.

Yes, I had a bag of weeds sitting in a half-weeded bed for near on a week and a half. It wasn’t very pretty, but if I hadn’t made ten minutes a day, guess what? The bed would still be completely filled with weeds. No progress made.

As a homemaker and mama the ten minute rule is my lifesaver. It keeps me from feeling as though this season of my life is an endless drudgery of chores and cleaning. It also keeps me from never accomplishing anything and blaming it on my child. It makes me feel free to drop everything and go to the beach, because I know I can find my ten minutes.