Friday Five: #13


Picking strawberries and making jam! We picked at Krupp Farm, which was a marvelous location. Delivering jam to my grandparents who made it for my family for so many years was extra special. Giving my husband a year of dates for father’s day. Oh yes, I did. I realize that it’s a gift for both of us; I put together 12 envelopes with 12 dates inside. Great parenting requires a great marriage, and a great marriage doesn’t just happen without dates. A really great list of motherhood notes that my mom found and sent to me. It’s hard to choose my favorite, but I really love #22. And #19. And #20. You get the idea. A good case for talking about money more often. And this made me feel so much better about all the books. And finishing. Or not finishing. Although, as a pseudo-minimalist, I still need them from the library instead of all over my home!

Do you own too many books? And do you rent or buy?


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