Starting a Simple Creative Project Together

Inspired by this photography project and in need of a creative outlet of any kind, I talked my sister into starting a photo project. We would each take a picture during our day: she in Wisconsin, me in Michigan. Across the lake. I’d do the editing (since that’s my love) and put them into a diptic (she’s on the left and I’m on the right) and we could post or share as we saw fit.

I love this for so many reasons!

Exercising my photography skills. (love to photograph; don’t always make the time for it)

Engaging with my sister every day. (being far apart is hard sometimes–this has prompted us to text at least once a day)

Accountability in following through. (a particular weakness of mine)

Lots of pretty and fun pictures to look through!

(and maybe a little encouragement that if you’re waiting to start a creative project, try something simple and start today! or maybe pick a specific date like June 1st like we did. that works, too)

Thanks, Sissy, for the photos and inspiration and sticking with it! If you’d like to follow our photo project, you can find us here


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