Daily Rhythm: 18 Months

Father and daughter brushing teeth

I last shared on our daily rhythm when daughter was 14 months. The changing of the seasons and the fact that we’ve moved to a one nap schedule seemed like a great time to adjust and share our new rhythm. Rhythms are a lovely way to stay on track and get things done without being two rigid. I’ve really loved developing our daily structure, and have decided to add a weekly rhythm in as it seems to match well with daughter’s developmental level. Also, I’ve started a new habit!

This is our life right now:

6:28 am Mama wakes up! Woo hoo! I’ve always been a morning person, but not really an EARLY morning person. I’ve been loving this little extra time to make a cup of tea, do some yoga stretches, say prayers, and read before daughter wakes.

7/7:30 Josephine wakes up. Change diaper, have some “milky” if she asks for it–we are slowly continuing the weaning process. I’m still not sure about all of this, but it’s starting to feel like time for us.

Downstairs for a few books or playtime and maybe a second cup of tea.

8/8:30 Breakfast time. Josephine has been able to do more and more to help prepare breakfast. Often we eat eggs and she will stand in her learning tower: she hands me an egg, I crack it and give it back to her, she opens it into the bowl, and (sometimes) returns the shell to me (sometimes the shell goes into the bowl, too). She’s also gotten a big kick out of bringing all the non-sharp, non-breakable, non-droppable items from the kitchen to the table (silverware, bib, napkins, closed items). We eat together at the dining table.

Then we have more time to play, read, and do chores together. She still loves to help with laundry most of all, but has recently figured out how to use a spray bottle of water to “mop”.

9/9:30 Ready for the day We brush teeth, say our prayers, and get dressed. This time is adjusted if we need to get out the door by a particular time or if we are going at our own pace. Daughter can do most of brushing teeth independently besides putting toothpaste on and reaching the sink.

Our weekly rhythm starts at this time:

Mondays–grocery day

Tuesdays–church mom’s group, or a visit to a museum or other such location

Wednesdays–story time at the library

Thursdays–active time: hiking or walking outdoors if weather is nice, indoor pool at the gym if the weather is poor

Fridays–walk to farmer’s market/open day not to plan anything and be open for what comes our way

12 We eat lunch around this time everyday. Most often right now it’s at home due to nap time closely to follow. As she gets a bit older I’m hoping to have more flexibility with being able to have a picnic lunch or meeting baba for lunch and not worrying about her falling asleep on the way home.

12:30 Nap time! We read a story and then head to bed with all her lovies. She’s usually asleep within a few minutes and will nap for anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. This is when I try to get e-mails, phone calls, and reading done.

When she wakes up we usually will head outside to play. We’ll take a walk to a park or play in the backyard. We often take our snack along with us to eat around 4pm. If we’re home for snack I’ll often prepare dinner while she’s eating in her learning tower. If the weather is bad we will play indoors and do some art and music in her new art area!

5:30ish Finish preparations for dinner. Sometimes daughter is content playing by herself and sometimes she is back in the learning tower and helping with dinner prep. Most often she wants to be in her tower.

6/6:30 Dinner time! Then I usually clean up and husband plays with daughter. From now until bedtime we play! We also do lots of family bike rides around the neighborhood.

7:30 Getting ready for bed time! Brush teeth, books, pjs, prayers, and songs. Still nursing before bed. She goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8 depending on her tiredness.

These days are wonderful: so much wonder and so very full. I love this time. I’d love to hear about your rhythms: do you have one? Do you want one? Would this work for you?