The Friday Five: #31

Friday Five: Favorites of the Week

Happy Friday! What was your week like? I hope it was full of fun and cheer, and maybe a few not-so-cold days! Here are my favorites:

ONE | A homemade acts of service Advent calendar! I love her ideas; they seem super feasible even with small kids. And they are real ways to teach our kids to love others well! (bonus: you could easily adapt this idea for 40 days for Orthodox folk)

TWO | As it’s getting closer to Christmas, a reminder that if we can’t afford all the things or don’t want all the things, it’s actually better for our kids.

THREE | Some great reminders of the importance of self-care and how to make it happen. Extra important this time of year, when we tend to stretch ourselves a liiiiiittle thin. Bonus: written by my dear friend, Jess (who also happens to be an amazing physical therapist and mama).

FOUR | Loved this essay about friendships that survive the years. While my college was not where most of my enduring friendships were made, that period of my life gave me the gift of a few fabulous girlfriends, for whom I’m so very grateful.

FIVE | Learning all about St. BarbaraWe celebrated her feast at her patronal monastery when we visited Los Angeles this week. Her story is amazing. And I love that she is the one to pray to for protection “from a sudden, unexpected death, and…depart[ing] this life without benefit of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.

Tell me all of your loves this week!